Maine Deer Hunting Q&A, Best clothes for deer hunting in Maine, Best wool hunting clothes for Deer


Maine Deer Hunting Q&A


Q. What is the best clothing to wear hunting in Maine?

See our Wool clothing page...

Q. When is the deer rifle/ muzzeloading season?

The season dates vary from year to year by a few days. Generally, rifle season is the month of November ending the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Muzzleloading season begins the very next Monday and runs for 2 weeks. For more info on Maine deer hunting season dates, laws, regulations, registrations and online licenses go to:

Q. When is peak rut in Maine?

Typically... Peak rut is third week of November.

Q. How do I get my license?

It is best if you purchase your license on~line before you arrive. You will need the Maine Big Game License. You can do this at the states web site: utilizing the “ MOSES” program.

Q. What are your hunting methods?

Whatever your preferred method of hunting is. You can either sit in one of our many stands or blinds watching over known buck corridors, or if you like you can still hunt or track on your own or you can  track / still hunt 1x1 with a guide.

Q. What is the total cost of the hunt?

The rate depends on the hunt please see deer page.

Q. How many hunters per guide?

We offer 1x1, 2x1 and 3x1 hunts.

Q. Are taxidermy services available?

If you choose to use a taxidermist here in Maine, we do have one we can refer you to.

Q. What kind of weather can I expect?

Temps can be anywhere from single digits to the mid to upper 50's depending on the week you come. There may be rain or snow. Come prepared for all.