Spring Trout fishing 2013

Spring Trout fishing 2013

8 MARCH 2013


Spring Native Brook Trout streams will be the place to be soon in Washington County. Eagle Mountain has 2 camps in the heart of the counties wilderness. It's the Perfect place to get away into the Maine woods with a good friend, a canoe, and a fishing pole.    See web site for more info on staying in a cabin

IIf the Lodge atmosphere is what you'd prefer. Stay at our "Wilderness Lodge" The Lodge was built in 1963 In the woods of Maine as a Hollywood get away. Many 60' stars paid a visit a time or two. Jackie Gleason, Jack Parr, The Rat Pak, John Wayne as well. It turned out to be to remote for them...:-)  See web site for more info on staying at the Lodge


Also: Smallmouth Bass fishing and Trolling for Salmon and Trout...

Lodge and fish on your own or go with a guide. Meals included at lodge only

Package deals( guide / lodging / meals )