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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Success rate.

A common and understandable question from hunters looking for a bear guide, but there are many factors in determining and affecting a successful bear over bait hunt.


This, we think, is the best answer we can give.


We work extremely hard during the 30 day preseason baiting period. Preparing a great ambush set up at each and every bait site with one goal in mind. Harvesting the best bear around that area. Shoveling bait, lugging bait, lugging & putting up tree stands, building ground blinds, pruning shooting lanes as well as creating a good quiet trail for us and the hunters to walk in on. Safely harvesting a good bear is our #1 goal at every one of our 50 bait sites and By the time our first hunters arrive, all 50 sites are smoking hot, every year. Thanks to our following rule #1 of bear baiting. Bait the bear! In other words,  keep the bait coming.


That first evening hunt is an exciting time for all the guides. To dump a bucket of bait and look back like we always do at the stand or blind and finally seeing a hunter sitting in it. All our hard work to be ready for this moment is about to pay off. Unless you've done it, you have no idea how much blood and sweat (no tears) goes into being ready for this day so we're pretty pumped.  The baits are prime with multiple bears coming. Now the rest is in the hunter's hands. They're chance of success is entirely up to them for the duration.


Scent control is good but only so good. A Black bear's nose is 6 times better than a Bloodhound's! That's a fact. We rarely beat their nose but we do our best. And if we weren't talking about how good their nose is we'd be talking about how well they can hear. And THAT, is what will bust a hunter at a bait. Noise.


We tell all our hunters there are 3 things we can't control. The weather, when bears move, and how much you move in stand. The hunters can't control the 1st & 2nd either but they can and must the 3rd. So when an outfitter is asked what his success rate is, think about how much depends on the hunter.


Like I said, we truly want every hunter to harvest a nice bear. Because your success is our success. The majority of our hunters get an opportunity. How they handle that is again, on them. A bad shot also affects the success rates. Those who can sit quietly, be patient, trust their guide, and make a good shot when the time comes, have an excellent chance at harvesting a nice bear.

Q. What should I bring on a Maine Black Bear Hunt?

  • Your home state hunting license - you must have to get a Maine hunting license. We recommend you obtain your Maine hunting and fishing licenses and review the laws prior to your arrival online at:; additional details are provided below.

  • Camo Clothing head to toe, leafy wear is good.

  • Rain Gear

  • Large Coolers for your meat and hide; recommend 150 qt

  • Warm and cool weather clothing. Maine weather can be unpredictable in September, it is not unusual for there to be a frost in the morning and it then to be 80 by noon in September

  • Tree stand safety harness if you wish to utilize one, we do not provide

  • Camera

  • Walkie Talkies, Marine band, or VHF handheld radio. Guides all have A 25 watt VHF radio in their trucks. Radios are important as they will be your primary means of communication with your guide due to limited cell phone reception in the area. 

  • Cover scent, soap,  scent lock camo suits, etc.

  • Your weapon of choice, please see our Bear Weapons and Ammo page for tips and recommendations.

  • Compass

  • GPS

  • Flashlight

  • Power Strip for your room (most rooms only have one or two outlets)   

  • Towels and unscented toiletries; if you are a regular user of Cologne or perfume stop using it for one at least one week prior to your hunt.

  • Mosquito Net

  • Thermocell

  • Additional items you may choose to bring:

  • ATV - Maine ATV registration required and can be done on line at the above website

  • Canoe, kayak, small Boat, etc.

  • Fishing Tackle (1, 3, and 7 day fishing Licenses are also available from state's web site above) You can fish for Brook Trout a remote stream or Beaver pond, Smallmouth Bass or Pickerel in nearby small ponds. Or, if you're a serious big lake fisherman bring your boat and Salmon fish.

  • Shotgun and shells for the Monday morning skeet shooting competition


Please visit our Lodge page for photos and details on your accommodations, please note that the Lodge is off grid and run by generator power only, and there is limited cell phone coverage. We don’t set you out in your stand till afternoon, so you have all morning to ride the endless miles of ATV trails, coyote hunt, fish, and enjoy the area. All we ask is you be safe. We want you to have a great Maine experience and return to hunt again with Eagle Mountain. Be sure to call or email if you have any questions. 


Q. What are the dates for bear season?


Bear over bait season always begins the last Monday of August and runs for 4 weeks. 


Q. How do I get my licenses and permits? 

It is best if you purchase your licenses online before you arrive:

Once you've completed your your purchase just print out your license and permit and bring it with you. 


For the bear hunt you will need a Big game hunting license and a Bear permit. If you are hunting all week with archery equipment ONLY you can purchase an Archery license and Bear permit. But remember, if you buy the archery license instead of the big game license you cannot carry a firearm in the woods.

Note: Licenses can be purchased here in Maine, but you must bring your home state hunting license or proof of a certified hunter safety course with you.  Maine WILL NOT issue you a license without one of these two things.

Q. What are the arrival/departure times?


Arrive no earlier than 2:00 pm on Sunday and check out the following Sunday by 11:00 am. 


Q. What is the cost of the hunt?


Please see our Black Bear Hunt Rates page for current rates. A $500 deposit is required to book. We accept over the phone credit card transactions or personal check for deposits. Balance is due in cash, check or money order upon arrival. 

Q. Care of your Bear meat & hide:


Full service butchering and packaging is available just 30 minutes from the lodge. They do an outstanding job with cuts to your order and hide care at a very affordable price. Your guide will take you to register your bear at the tagging station and then to the butcher.

The meat and hide will be frozen and ready for your trip home. Hunters pick up their bear or shipping arrangements can be made with the butcher if needed.


Q. What are your hunting methods?


All our hunts are over active and proven baits. You will hunt  from rugged 2x4 ladder stands set up for right or left handed shooters, or ground blinds. You may use: Rifle, Bow, Muzzleloader, Handgun , Crossbow, or Shotgun. Most stands are 15 -30 yards from the bait and ground blinds are a bit further from bait site. If you have a climber stand, bring it along if you have room. Placing the seat portion of your climber in the tree above our ladder stand makes for a good set up.


For detailed info on recommended weapons go to our weapons & ammo page.


Q. Can I bring an ATV?


Yes, and we encourage it. Also a canoe or small boat if you plan to fish a lot. Great, endless ATV riding is available right from the lodge. You must register your ATV with Maine. This can be done from the same web site you buy your licenses: register my ATV


Q. What activities can we do during the morning hours?


There are many things to do while not sitting for Bear. The lodge sits on the intersection of 2 major ATV trails offering miles of wilderness riding. You can fish for Brook Trout or Smallmouth Bass, You can also hunt Coyote over one our baits.


Q. What form of payment do you accept?


For deposits we accept personal checks or credit cards . Your balance (due upon arrival) must be cash or check. Credit cards are for deposits only.


Q. If I fly in, where is the nearest airport?


We are located 55 miles East of the Bangor international airport. Rental vehicles are available at the airport or arrangements can be made to pick you up.


Q. How many bait sites do you have?


We currently lease over 50,000 acres of exclusive prime bear territory.


Q. How many hunters per week do you book?


We book no more than 14 hunters per week.


Q. Is the guide with me at all times while hunting?


Your guide will take you to your stand, bait your site, and then leave. Guides park on high ground nearby so that we have complete radio coverage of the hunting area.  When someone calls for a guide, one of us is there within minutes.


Q. What kind of weather can I expect?


Most years you can expect temps in the upper 70's during the day and down to the mid to upper 40's at night. It generally cools down towards dusk enough for a light jacket.  


Q. What if I have a question that was not on this page?


Email or give us a call, we'd be happy to talk to you and answer any questions you have. We can be reached at one of these numbers:


Matt Cell: 207.610.9922 

Lisa Cell: 207.610.9923

EMGS: 207.537.5282




Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife 

- Purchase licenses

- Maine hunting laws and fishing laws

- Register ATV


Outdoor Hub - Bear Eyesight

Detailed information on bear eyesight, helpful in your weapon and ammo decision making

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