Maine Whitetail Deer Hunts

Hunting Maine's big Whitetail Deer in November is one of the greatest and most rewarding hunting challenges in all of North America. Eagle Mountain Guide Service specializes in putting hunters in front of bucks whether you are a stand hunter, still hunter, or tracker. Hunting Maine  requires patience, persistence, and especially trust that you are hunting where the deer are. As the fall season takes over, a Maine buck's 

range grows to nearly 10 square miles. That means that a particular  buck doesn't pass by any given stand or blind every day, or maybe even every 3 days. Hunters need to trust that they are in an area or in a particular stand  for a good reason, and that's because multiple bucks have been tracked through that very spot. We cater to your style of hunting but, we have found the most successful method is hunting from a blind or treestand watching known corridors.


Guided Whitetail Deer Hunts


If you have never hunted in the big woods of Maine, we recommend our guided hunts. The guided hunt includes a guide, 7 nights of lodging for you at the Wilderness lodge, 3 meals a day, transportation to and from your pre-scouted hunting area, and retrieval of your trophy.


Semi-Guided Whitetail Deer Hunts


This hunt includes 7 nights lodging for you at the Wilderness Lodge including 3 meals per day. Master Maine Guide, Matt Whitegiver will personally go over hunting areas with you and will direct you to pre-scouted areas that we know typically hold deer and offer suggestions on where to place tree stands and how to hunt the area.  Ladder type tree stands are available for your use at the lodge.